Doha Oasis is a 25,000 sqm Theme Experience Centre (TEC), located within a wider mixed-use development (about 130,000 sqm), comprising retail, residential, hotel and four basement carpark levels. The theme park development will provide a vibrant microcosm of themed rides and entertainment attractions located in Doha, Qatar.
The theme park occupies the central area of the podium at ground level and is covered by a steel dome ensuring a clear height of eighteen meters, supporting the landscape garden, and is penetrated by skylights. The theme park also expands well into the peripheral areas of the ground floor level to accommodate a total of twenty-six or more different rides and attractions. Other areas of the Doha Oasis development include an extensive retail mall wrapped around the two top floors of the podium with uninterrupted views of the theme park, high end apartment buildings (9 floors), and a 7-star hotel consisting of a twenty-eight floor glass tower. Noise and vibration assessment of elements within the theme park to provide an appropriate acoustic environment, along with impact from ride noise and vibration on the adjacent mall and residential structures was of critical importance in the design of the Doha Oasis development.
The theme park will house world-class attractions providing the latest in entertainment and themed experiences. The ride types to be implemented within the park include:
• Drop towers: These rides consist of a large central tower with ride occupants on a carriage which travels up and down the central tower. For the Doha Oasis theme park, these towers extend up past the roof structure, giving riders a birds-eye view of the gardens and luxury residential complex above the theme park.
• Rotating / rolling types: One or more passenger carriages which roll, rotate and spin around a number of axes.
• Swinging pendulum: A passenger carriage at the base of a large pendulum which swings about a central pivot point. The carriage can also rotate / spin about its central axes.
• Roller coasters: Roller coasters consist of one or more carriages which travel along a fixed rail path at various velocities / heights.
• Dark rides: Dark rides are themed attractions located within enclosed sections of the park to provide a secluded / stand-alone ride experience, involving a combination of hydraulically operated seats and an audio-visual experience. Some rides also feature a “4D” component where elements such as water mist or fan-forced air is directed at the ride occupants to coincide with the audio-visual component.
Anna Assana and Nikos Siapkaras were Lead Architects for the architectural design of the project (Detailed Design – IFC). Project is currently under construction.