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Qatar Foundation launches new progressive school in Qatar

Education City stadium will house two Qatar Foundation schools after Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Qatar Foundation (QF), under the umbrella of its Pre-University Education (PUE). has announced the launch of its new school Academyati that offers personalized education, within the Education City (EC) development west of Doha city center, on the site of the QF Stadium.

Academyati and Qatar Academy for Science and Technology will have a vital role in this place, which will make the Education City Stadium a part of society after the World Cup. Young students will begin to acquire life skills that shape their lives and develop them inside the stadium, and they will be a vivid example of its value for Qatar, and an affirmation that it is more than just an amazing sports edifice.

Academyati was founded in 2019, an innovative school that follows a new curriculum based on the interests of students, focusing on experiential learning and designing individual learning models for each student, noting that the school building will include 23 basic educational spaces, in addition to a space for teaching visual arts and music and a hall a multipurpose athlete, the Academy will strive to meet the needs of students between the ages of 3 and 18. Initially, the school will accommodate for 480 student’s enrolments for Progressive Education on an approximately 12,937 m2 GFA.

The educational process for students of two progressive schools in Qatar Foundation, which will be based on this edifice, will have more advantages thanks to the inspiring environment around them, as the stadium itself will transfer knowledge and information about the importance of innovation, sustainability, health and well-being, noting that the primary goal of Education City Stadium is to create a legacy, and this goal will become clear after the end of the FIFA World Cup, as it will be a center for learning, creativity and exploration.

President of Pre-University Education at Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development said that ” Academyati” works to provide an educational experience that suits the individual needs of students, especially that each child has unique characteristics, and has specific needs, interests and strengths, and therefore each student is developed a comprehensive development plan aimed at enhancing the development of his personal skills and creative capabilities in a stimulating and supportive learning environment.

In her presentation, Academyati Director said:

We’re excited to be opening a first-of-its-kind, progressive school in Qatar, under the QF umbrella, and we believe our philosophy and teaching and learning elements are going to change the future of education. Academyati stands for ‘Innovation in Learning’. We believe in trusting today’s children. By exposing our children to experiences and quests as a way of learning, we aim to fuel children’s independence, empathy, curiosity, and creativity through their journey in Academyati. We have faith that their inner gifts will shape amazing outcomes.

Among the features of the new school is its approach to learning that has been specifically created through evidence-based research, the experiences of its team, and their knowledge and insight of the educational landscape in Qatar and its cultural and societal context.

Children at Academyati will be introduced to different experiences and quests – open-ended problem-solving activities focused on real-world problems – as a way of learning, with these being designed to nurture their independence, empathy, curiosity, and creativity. In terms of the children’s grouping, they will be in multi-age groups, rather than the structure being defined by grade levels or children’s year of birth to enable each child to learn at their own pace, and from older or younger children. Also, the school will have discovery spaces rather than a traditional classroom-based academic setting.

Designed to add to the legacy of quality education that has already been created by its diverse and specialised schools, QF’s new, progressive K-12 school, Academyati, will bring a whole new educational experience to Qatar. A bilingual school offering individualised education, with an emphasis on experiential learning within an innovative educational ecosystem that will work in close partnership with parents and families, Academyati will graduate students who are aware, confident, empowered, and can bring positive change to their world,” PUE President said in an official statement on the launch.

The facilities are designed to attain a 4-star GSAS rating.

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