one of the finest stadiums anywhere in the world


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The stadium has an original design with a three-dimensional dynamic roof. The form of the roof allows all spectators an unobstructed view of the action and intensifies the atmosphere within the bowl during the match.
The roof extends into a facade which provides shade to the spectator balconies and houses vertical access routes.
Architects used the latest parametric technology to create an outer facade that has two skins.
The structure is designed to enable the use of photovoltaic panels, so as to allow the complex to make extensive use of solar energy.
The heart of the development, however-the bowl with its grandstands for spectators- remains the key of the design.
The stadium is designed exclusively for football, for games ranging from the national league to European matches and has all the characteristics of an UEFA ELITE Stadium according to UEFA Regulations.

General Design Principles
Stadia design has evolved rapidly in recent years, recognizing the significance of these public buildings and their ability to define and enhance urban areas.
The new stadium will create what we believe will be one of the finest stadiums anywhere in the world for spectators, visitors and the wider community, delivering a major new landmark for Toumpa and Thessaloniki.
Our objective is to design a stadium that spectators will immediately associate with PAOK, but also a stadium with its own character, from every viewpoint.
It is a modern stadium, a sophisticated structure that offers a wide range of facilities for spectators and the media, participants and operators alike.
Looking like eagle wings, the stadium has a tight atmospheric stadium bowl with a capacity of 33.500. The white volume of the stadium seems like an abstract sculpture in the urban space.

The stadium will boast the latest in amenities and technology while also being sustainably designed to minimize environmental impact and energy usage.

This study addresses two different scenarios:

A. Modernisation / Remodeling of the existing stadium and
B. New stadium

Project Management: Dimand S.A. Real Estate Development.

The design was done in collaboration with AETER ARCHITECTS / Harry C. Bougadellis & Associate Architects S.A.