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Our design response to the design of the international airport is based on five key concepts:

  • Design details with contemporary materials emphasize the character of the building,
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly design (energy, materials and environmental load during exploitation)
  • The roof is designed as a landscape to be viewed from the sky, from the airplanes landing
  • The pattern of perforation is designed using a bespoke computer script to vary and control the amount of light
  • The Islamic architectural tradition of arches is played out in the rhythm of the structure

The artificial surface of the roof is in continuation of the existing landscape, designed like the natural sand dunes.

PROJECT (Project Description)

The new international airport is intended to serve visitors of an exotic tourist resort – SHARMA AIRPORT TERMINAL, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA

SITE (Project Location)

The site of the Project is located along the shore of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia.

In site used to exist an old runway.


The new airport project is a Celebration of Light and Shadow

The terminal is 270 m long, with 3 boarding gates, designed to handle 1,000 passengers a day.

The geometry of the roof ’s undulating cross-section is formed of a series of arcs of different radii connected at tangent points.

Tree columns support the three-dimensional beams spanning 95 m follow the cross-sectional form of the roof,

Design seeks to interpret space, through light and shadow by exploring a simple element- the architecture of its envelope. A dynamic facade was developed to regulate light, adapt to climate change and enable cross ventilation.

The cavity between the outer and inner skins helps to buffer the building’s internal temperature.

Sustainable and eco-friendly design
roof is designed as a landscape
vary and control the amount of light
Islamic architectural tradition