architecture, nature, culture and history fuse together into a total experience


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The interior of the building is designed like a varied terraced landscape inspired by archaeological excavations gradually unearthing the layers of history and exposing lost cities. The visitor can move through a vivid sequence of exhibitions and scientific experiments – like a traveler in time and space.

Students from all over the world meet and exchange ideas and knowledge in an open, stimulating learning environment.

With its crystal structure and vibrant facade, the building constitutes a significant landmark in the campus area.

The heart of the main school buildings are the atriums. The Atrium is placed at a central location encircled by classrooms, laboratories, teaching facilities and formal and informal meeting spaces. The “atrium-oasis”, is capable of providing comfort, filtered natural light, plantations and water elements.

Proposed location on site

The site is in Lusail City. Lusail City extends across an area of 38 square kms and includes four exclusive islands and 19 multi-purpose residential, mixed use, entertainment and commercial districts.

The proposed facility consists of 25000 sq. m of closed and semi-open spaces.

Architecture, nature, culture and history fuse together into a total experience at the New International School. Daylight, human scale and dynamic spaces are key elements in the building. The building is a modern interpretation of Islamic architecture and creates a dynamic, intellectual atmosphere reflecting the leading role of the School in education. The ultimate goal is to give a sculptural quality.

The vision for the school is to create a healthy and inspiring learning and teaching environment centered on the pupils, staff and guests – and where efficiency, comfort and responsibility are key elements. The new building sends a clear signal of Lusail City’s emphasis on sustainability and energy consumption and demonstrates a school that actively contributes to future-proofing the society which the pupils will form part of in the future.