First Prize at invited architectural competition


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  • Prize : first Prize at invited architectural competition

The façade concept creates a restrained, clear appearance. Perforated aluminum panelling gives the heavy building a light structure. At the same time, the façade openings that have been preserved show themselves discreetly behind the metal surface. The perforated sheeting functions as sun protection and offers every work area the necessary shade while allowing both a view and daylight. Thanks to the new façade, the new service areas have deliberately been set into the background and shielded from everyday view. The result is a new image of the existing building without having introduced any fundamental changes.

Our design response to the transformation of the Data Center is based on three key concepts: Design intertwines existing details with contemporary materials (emphasize the character of the historic building within the updated space), the renovation must treat the architectural quality of the design with respect, Sustainable and eco-friendly design (energy, materials and environmental load during exploitation)

The design seeks to reduce negative impacts on the environment, and the health and comfort of building occupants, thereby improving building performance. The basic objectives of the design are to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments.

design intertwines existing details
renovation treats the architectural quality of the design with respect
sustainable and eco-friendly design