Redevelopment of the National Stadium of Drama

A&S ARCHITECTS unveil plans for a multi-million redevelopment of the National Stadium of Drama.

The first phase of the proposed development is a new 1,500-capacity all-seater stand.

The new stand will have modern spectator facilities in the concourse and modern facilities for players and all participants, on the ground level.

The single-tier stand is also future-proofed with the possibility of adding corporate entertainment boxes and facilities built into its design.

The spectator view in the design is optimized very carefully to balance the uninterrupted clear view to the field for every seat whilst not making the seating terraces any higher than necessary to satisfy structure, cost and safety considerations.

Following FIFA C-Value standards the design has provided a C-Value of 12 cm (optimum scenario).

We are all excited by the potential to create a modern, vibrant new home for the local team.